For several years, Procepack completed numerous projects of all types for various customers. We have hundreds of packaging line projects under our belt for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. For us, every project has the same priority: our customers’ satisfaction. At Procepack, we always try to create a partnership with each of our customers. We are proud of every project we’ve accomplished, and we are more than happy to be able to help our clients stay competitive in their industry. On our side, using both reconditioned and new products puts us in a very competitive spot on the market.

Packaging Line for Cannabis Oil

Our customer, a homeopathic drop manufacturer, contacted us for a complete line project for their dropper type containers. The company is located in Kentucky. He’s ok with used machines, but in very good condition.

In order to deliver the best possible project for our customer, we decided to go with a monobloc in perfect condition that we completely refurbished for their needs. The monobloc comes with a liquid filler with one nozzle, a dropper inserter, a retorquer and a labeler. We added a neck bander with shrink tunnel, accumulation table and conveyors.

All the machines used, except the tables and conveyors, are second hand, but completely refurbished and adapted to the customer’s containers. We integrated them all together in order to create a complete and automated line.

The customer is very happy with their new packaging line and this project allows us to solidify our presence in the US territory and in the growing homeopathic market. Indeed, this project already gave us come positive feedback with many other similar projects on the table.

High Speed Tax Strip Labeler

Our customer, a wine producer, contacted us for a high speed labeler for tax strip. The company is in California and he wanted a labeler for their bottle neck. This labeler is perfect for the mandatory tax strip in the cannabis industry.

The main challenge of this project is the very high speed and still need precision. In order to deliver the best labeler possible, we added a very efficient vision system with a reject station. The machines comes with many cameras to cover all the possible angles. All of the motors on the labeler are servo to get even more precision.

This equipment is the most high-end we ever did. We added almost all of our options, such as: articulated arm PLC, our toughest frame, highest speed application head, best vision system available, reject station and many more.

The customer is thrilled with their machine and we gave them the best after-sale service we offer. One of our technician flew to California and stayed at their factory for 2 weeks to be sure everything is running smoothly. He also installed the labeler and trained all the operators.

Complete line for Cannabis Cream

Our customer, a cannabis products manufacturer, contacted us for a complete packaging line for their cream. The company is in Kentucky and we already did a project with them for their oil. They were very satisfied with their oil line and we were very happy to work with them again.

In this specific project, they needed a complete line instead of only a monoblock like in the previous realizations. We manufactured almost all of the equipment in the line, such as: feeding table, liquid filler, labeler and all the conveyors. We also added few refurbished machines, like the capper and the induction sealer.

This line is the prime example of our strength, which is to mixed new and used packaging equipment, in order to deliver complete project at a very good price. The other advantage of this kind of project is you buy everything at the same place.

The customer is again very happy with this realization and we are always happy to see our customers coming back to us for new project. We delivered and installed the line and we look forward to work with them again in the future, all good things come in threes.

Cartoner for vials

Our customer, a pharmaceutical company, wanted to include their vials and instruction pamphlet in a box. The customer wanted to increase their production with a high-speed and high-end machine at a good price. As a cartoner for pharmaceutical industry, this machine is also perfect for the cannabis industry.

We found the perfect equipment for our customer’s needs: a Romaco cartoner in mint condition. We added a Wolke coder to the machine and integrated the coder controller with a keypad on the side. Given this cartoner is a high-quality reliable machine, we pushed it to 80 vials/min (see video). With a large carton and instruction pamphlet magazine, the production hardly ever stops.

This project’s highlight definitively is the speed of the cartoner and the technology that comes with it. The biggest challenge for us was working with a two-section carton and ensuring that each section is filled with the right products: the vial or the pamphlet.

The customer was very impressed during the FAT and seemed very happy with what Procepack delivered. Hopefully, we’ll do business with them again in the future. With this project, Procepack increases its presence in the pharmaceutical industry.